Peer grading for your classroom

CrowdGrader brings peer grading to any classroom: students submit and collaboratively grade their homework. The tool can be used with just a web browser; no complex setup is required!

Students learn better: 

Instructors benefit: 

CrowdGrader is simple: 

No complicated full-course setup.  Just create an assignment, and add your students -- or share with them a URL where they can self-enroll. 

Why not see for yourself? Just go to CrowdGrader, or create a demo assignment to get a feel for how the tool works! 

Note: you will need to login to create assignments.  CrowdGrader uses Google for authentication, but it cannot access any information from your Google account: it just uses your email address to identify you.  Your email address will never be shared outside this tool: privacy is our top priority.