Privacy Policy

We refer to the CrowdGrader web site, or any applications made available by CrowdGrader LLC, as the “Service”. The Service is owned or controlled by CrowdGrader, LLC (“CrowdGrader”).

Information Collected

CrowdGrader collects information including:
  1. Login information. Users log into CrowdGrader using their Google account, and CrowdGrader uses the email address associated with the account as identification information. CrowdGrader has no access to the user password for the Google account, nor does CrowdGrader otherwise use or store passwords.
  2. Cookies. CrowdGrader relies on cookies to authenticate users, and to store personal setting information for each user. 
  3. Information entered by the user directly. This includes:
    • Profile information (such as first and last names of each user, time zone, and any other information entered during the creation of the user profile); 
    • The content of all homework assignments, submissions, reviews, and feedback.
  4. Analytics information. We use third-party analytics tools to help us measure traffic, and to help us understand how users use our site. They provide us with information regarding the use of the site. 
  5. Log files. Every time a user browser accesses our Service, a log file entry is created. Log file entries contain details on the browser software used by the visiting user, and details of the request and of the processing the request generated. For logged-in users, the entries also contain the identity of the user. 
  6. Do Not Track. CrowdGrader does not currently participate in any multi-site tracking program. Thus, CrowdGrader implements Do Not Track for all users. 

Use of Information

In addition to other uses mentioned in this Privacy Policy, we may use information that we receive to:
  1. Provide the Service, as well as monitor, test, and debug the Service.
  2. Develop and test new features for the Service.
  3. Develop metrics and analytics that help us understand how users use the Service.

Sharing of Information

  1. We refer to the following information as “Personal Information”: personally identifiable information regarding users of the Service; the content of submissions; the content of reviews, and any feedback on reviews.
  2. CrowdGrader will not share Personal Information with third parties, except as required by law, or with the explicit consent of all users involved, or as necessary to provide the Service. 
  3. In order to provide the Service, CrowdGrader may share Personal Information (including log files) with contractors, consultants, and other third parties. These third parties will be bound by reasonable confidentiality terms.
  4. CrowdGrader may make available anonymized data about assignments. Such information is typically (but not necessarily exclusively) shared with researchers, with the goal of improving the algorithms and techniques underlying the Service. The information released will identify users only via anonymized ids, and it may include the reviews, any control grades assigned by the users managing the assignments, and the feedback indicating how useful each review was to the submission’s authors. Except if specifically authorized by all the users involved, the data shared will not include the identities of the users involved in the assignment, nor the content of the submissions.
  5. Crowdgrader may enter into a business transfer such as a merger, acquisition, or corporate restructuring. In the event of any such transfer, assets necessary to run the Service (including without limitation Personal Information) may be transferred to the successor in interest. 
  6. Except as set forth above, third parties may not collect Personal Information about user online activities via the Service and combine it with other Personal Information over time and across different Web sites.

Emails and Other Communications

  1. Except as set forth above under Sharing of Information, CrowdGrader will not release the email addresses of its users to third parties. 
  2. CrowdGrader may contact individual users, on an individual and non-automated basis. These communications generally (but not necessarily) have the purpose of helping to answer questions about the Service, help diagnose possible problems, and inquire on how the Service is used.
  3. Other users of CrowdGrader, such as students and teachers participating in an assignment, can cause CrowdGrader to send you email message on their behalf, for instance as a reminder of submission deadlines, or as invitation to join them in group projects. 
  4. Your use of CrowdGrader may cause CrowdGrader to contact other participants in the same assignment on your behalf (sending email messages that appear to come from your email address). These messages are sent only as a direct consequence of an action you take, and CrowdGrader will indicate that the action will result in emails being sent. 

Service Providers

  1. In order to provide the Service, CrowdGrader may use third parties (“Service Providers”, such as cloud computing providers) to store and process information, including your Personal Information. These third parties will provide their service under reasonable confidentiality terms.
  2. CrowdGrader uses reasonable safeguards to keep the information secure, and relies on Service Providers with a track record of excellence in security. However, CrowdGrader cannot guarantee that the information stored via Service Providers will not be accessed or disclosed by the Service Providers.
  3. CrowdGrader does not collect or process payment information.  For more information on payment processing, please see the Payment Terms and Conditions.

Storage of Information

  1. CrowdGrader may store the information used to provide the Service in any country, unless otherwise detailed in specific agreements made with specific users or organizations.
  2. If you have special circumstances and wish to request that specific information within CrowdGrader be deleted, please contact 

Retention of Information

  1. Managers of assignments can at any time make an assignment inactive, at which point it will no longer be accessible by other users.
  2. Once the submission deadline for an assignment is past, users who submitted content may be unable to delete their submissions or prevent other users from reviewing and accessing them. 
  3. CrowdGrader may choose to retain any information collected indefinitely. Among other reasons, CrowdGrader may choose to retain the information for the purpose of analyzing past assignments to improve the algorithms and techniques used to provide the Service.

Changes in This Policy

CrowdGrader may change its Privacy Policy from time to time and the policy published on the CrowdGrader website governs CrowdGrader’s use of Personal Information at the time it is posted. You should review this Privacy Policy before submitting any uniquely sensitive information to confirm that you agree and accept to CrowdGrader’s use of such information., and you should check it periodically.