The CrowdGrader advantage


CrowdGrader is hosted on the Google Cloud for maximum reliability and availability. All data is geographically replicated, to ensure that no data is lost even in case of an infrastructure disaster. The infrastructure is fully and automatically scalable. In this way, if you have a very large class (thousands of students, or more), and everyone tries to submit as the submission deadline approaches, the computational resources of CrowdGrader will automatically scale up to absorb the usage spike.

Who we are

CrowdGrader is an offshoot of the research of professor Luca de Alfaro at UCSC.  CrowdGrader was originally created as a tool to experiment with crowdsourcing algorithms and incentives for collaboration.  After using it successfully in his classes on Android and Web development, professor de Alfaro started CrowdGrader LLC as a way to make the tool accessible by anyone, anywhere.