Review ratings

Once the review phase is terminated, students can access their reviews, and they can rate them from 1 star (very unhelpful, bogus) to 5 stars (very helpful).  This feedback is used to motivate students to write helpful reviews, and it is part of the crowd-grades computed. 

This feedback phase is concluded when instructors compute the grades.  CrowdGrader analyzes all feedback to compute the crowd-grades.  Once the grades are computed, no more feedback is accepted nor analyzed. 

Tit-for-tat or retaliatory feedback.  CrowdGrader classifies feedback as either reliable, or as possibly retaliatory (tit-for-tat) in nature.  Retaliatory feedback occurs when a student reacts to a low grade by giving low feedback on the person who wrote the review and assigned the grade. 

Retaliatory feedback is not used to compute crowd-grades, and it is clearly labeled as such.  In this way, students who receive retaliatory feedback to their low grades can rest assured that the retaliation did not hurt their grade.  

Comparing their reviews with those by others

Once the review phase is over, students can also compare their reviews with those by others for the same submissions, of course in anonymous fashion.  This helps students calibrate their own reviews.