CrowdGrader offers top-notch security, high availability, full scalability, and geographically distributed replicas of the data to ensure that the student work is not lost.  To help pay for this infrastructure, we have started charging for the service: our goal is to provide an affordable service, while covering the costs. 

There are two types of assignments: instructor-sponsored and student-supported.

Instructor-Sponsored Assignments

Instructor-supported assignments come in four tiers:

The prices above are per-assignment.

Student-Supported Assignments.

The access period determines when students can submit solutions to CrowdGrader: students can perform reviews, or view their feedback, at any time.

Institutional Licenses

CrowdGrader can also provide institutional licenses, enabling all the instructors affiliated with the institution to use CrowdGrader without charge.  We price institutional licences fairly, according to predicted or past usage. If you are interested in such a license, please contact

Payment Terms and Conditions

Please refer to the Payment Terms and Conditions governing payments and refunds.