Benefits of peer grading

In peer grading, students grade and review each other's assignments.  This provides benefits to students and teachers. 

Student Benefits

  • Motivation.  Being judged by one's peers is one of the most powerful sources of motivation in a classroom. Weak students are motivated to catch-up; strong students can compare their work with that of other strong students, and are motivated to turn in the best possible solutions.
  • Feedback from their peers.  Students get more detailed, and multi-faceted, feedback from their peers than they get from a single instructor or TA busy grading a large number of assignments.
  • Ability to learn from other students' work.  Students can learn by studying the details of other students' work, and are given the opportunity to assess its strong and weak points.  In computer science assignments, where CrowdGrader was developed, students benefit from seeing the details of the implementation chosen by other students.  In writing assignments, students are provided with several examples of writing styles and essay organizations. 

Instructor Benefits

  • Bring peer learning to the classroom.  Instructors can bring the motivation, and richness of feedback, that comes with peer grading and evaluations to their classroom.
  • Gain insight on student learning.  Instructors have complete access to all reviews and feedback, and they can easily keep atop of the student progress in their classroom. 
  • Easily manage large classes.  CrowdGrader can easily manage classes ranging in size from a handful thousands of students. Instructors can focus on pedagogy and teaching, and can assign homework as it most benefits learning, rather than as feasible given the grading abilities of the instructor and assistants.
  • Fine-tune grades.  CrowdGrader lets instructors fine-tune the final grades, leaving always the instructor in full control.

Why CrowdGrader

CrowdGrader ensures the benefits of peer grading and evaluation are fully realized:

  • CrowdGrader provides a fast and simple to use platform for uploading solutions, and performing reviews and evaluations.
  • Instructors can at any time download all data -- they are always in full control.
  • The incentive system built in CrowdGrader ensures that students complete accurate evaluations and provide quality, respectful reviews of other student's work.
  • Our strong Privacy Policy ensures that no data leaks out of the classroom.