Users can submit (and resubmit) their solutions, until the deadline set up by the instructor.
See how this works in the visual tour, from the student and from the instructor points of view.

Submission types

Submissions can contain the following:
  • A document created in CrowdGrader. CrowdGrader supports a powerful editor that lets students write math (LaTeX and Tex are supported), code, tables, links to external resources, and more directly in CrowdGrader.  These documents can be revised and corrected in-place by the students who will be doing the reviews. 
  • File uploads. CrowdGrader supports the upload of arbitrary files, including very large files.  Students can submit multiple files by producing an archive file (such as a zip file) and uploading it. 

Group submissions

Students can submit to CrowdGrader either individually (the default) or in groups.  The instructor can allow group submissions in the assignment setup page.

CrowdGrader manages the entire group submission process, from group formation, to review assignment and assigning credit for the work to the whole group.


If group submissions are allowed, students can list their collaborators when submitting.  

If student A lists student B, student B gets an invitation email from student A.  At that point, student B needs to either:
  • Click on the confirmation link in the email
  • Go to their submission page, and list A back as collaborator.
This acknowledgement is needed: otherwise, a student could "crash-join" a group by simply listing some member of it as collaborator. 

If A and B are in the same group (they have invited each other as above), and B and C are in the same group, then of course also A and C are in the same group.

If students fail to list collaborators, the instructor can add people or merge groups by clicking on the Merge Groups button in the submission view (see below).